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Teknidata Consultants puts at the disposition of its clients some of the publications of our Consultant Team.


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Publications by our Consultant Team

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Impact on social welfare attributed to El Niño phenomenon (ENSO) and the process of climate change. An analysis of the Colombian Energy Market

Beneficios económicos de Transmetro sobre la reducción de la accidentalidad vial en el área metropolitana de Barranquilla, Colombia.

Economic Regulation for the Parking Fare in Bogota through Maximum Prices

Economic benefits of cochlear implantation for profound sensorineural hearing loss

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Article No. 3: Teknidata Consultants: an example of entrepreneurship and business creation in Colombia

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Article No. 2: Business Analytics: A tool for creating value in public sector

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Short Paper No. 1: Climate change and anthropogenic factors. A relationship relevant to the design of public policies

Estimation of the Production Functional Form, Returns to Scale and Technical Efficiency in colombian Coffee Zone by Means Stochastic Frontier

A methodological proposal for estimating changes in the value of the property: a case study for Bogotá using Propensity Score Matching and Spatial Hedonic Prices

Strategy for the location and operation of transfer stations for solid waste management in Colombia

Una propuesta metodológica para estimar los cambios sobre el valor de la propiedad: estudio de caso para Bogotá aplicando Propensity Score Matching y precios hedónicos espaciales

Production functions and technical efficiency in the Colombian coffee: an approach to stochastic frontier

Impact assessment of phase I and II of the TransMilenio mass transport system over the total time of displacement of traditional users of public transport in Bogota

Estimation of optimal extraction path for a nonrenewable natural resource: a case study for open pit coal mining activity in the center of the department of Cesar, Colombia

Massive benefit (La Gráfica)

Specification and estimation of spatial hedonic pricing model to assess the impact of TransMilenio on the value of property in Bogota

Factors affecting technical and allocative efficiency in the Colombian coffee industry: an application of data envelopment analysis

Analysis of the Impact of the Transmilenio Mass Transportation Project on Real Estate Property Values in Bogotá, Colombia

Factors affecting technical and allocative efficiency in the Colombian coffee industry: an application of data envelopment analysis

Avances sociales en Bogotá y municipios aledaños entre 2011 y 2014: calidad de vida, segregación, capacidad de pago y focalización.

Basics Intermediate Econometrics: Theory and Applications

Fundamentals of Transport Economics: Theory, Methodology and Policy Analysis

¿Se puede hacer Políticas Públicas a través de Social Media?

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Bulletin No 8: people-centered economics and public policy for regional development

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Bulletin No 7: The Impact of the 2008 economic crisis and the impact of Juntos in Peru.

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Bulletin No 6: biases in forecasts and real estate activity

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Bulletin No 5: The causal effects of an industrial policy - Green growth, technology and innovation

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Bulletin No 4: The household savings in Colombia and Determinants of access to credit Colombian households

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Bulletin No 3: management in investment funds and the impact of radio in public health programs

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Bulletin No 2: the impact of teachers and economic blogs

Teknidata Institutional Publication - Issue No.1: Climate change and anthropogenic factors

World Café Memories : Fiscal Sustainability for Public Policy Assessments

The characteristics of human and technological resources available to our company, allow us offer guaranteed quality services in the follow areas: 1) Regulation, Market, Analysis and Insdustrial Organization, 2) Quantitative Analysis, 3) Planning and Public Policies, 4) Economics Analysis and 5) Envorinmental Analysis.
Our product and services are backed by a team of permanent consultants and partners with extensive experience on public and provate sector. This condition ensures the ability of our firm to understand the needs of our clients and delivery them integrated compliance solutions.
We are a Colombian firm that does development of studies, advice and consulting for public and private sectors. Our firm does research with technical thoroughness by providing a steady stream of powerfull solutions to the needs of our clients. Our main objective is reach compliance and satisfaction of our clients.
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